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April, 2023

NC eggs head to Washington DC for the White House Easter egg roll!

Plant Part Salad

Which parts of the plant do we usually eat? The seed? The fruit? When we eat asparagus, we are eating the stem of the plant. When we eat spinach or lettuce, we are eating the plant’s leaves. We eat the fruit of squash, cucumber and tomato plants. When we eat corn or peas we are eating seeds, and when we eat radish or carrot, we are eating roots. Cauliflower and broccoli plants produce flowers we like to eat. With some plants we eat more than one part. With this recipe, you can create a salad eating all the parts of different plants!


It's time to have your pressure canner gauge tested!

Call Andrea at 704-878-3157 or email at to set up an appointment. This is a free service. 

Do you have your ticket yet for Statesville's Longest Table event on May 23? Click the image to get a free dinner ticket!

Chocolate Chip Cookies with Local Wheat

Chocolate Chip Cookies made with NC Wheat

Did you know that you can cook at home with North Carolina wheat? North Carolina farmers grow the type of wheat that is best for baking cookies. If you would like to make homemade chocolate chip cookies using North Carolina grown wheat, we have a recipe and video for you! Here NC State Family and Consumer Sciences Agent, Andrea Sherrill, demonstrates how to make this recipe at home.

Get your presentations ready! County Activity Day is May 4th starting at 4:30pm! Presentations are a staple of NC 4-H and a great way for youth to learn public speaking skills starting at a young age! Any youth ages 5-18 is eligible to participate. Youth who participate at County Activity Day will receive $10 in Clover Bucks which can be used for other 4-H events in our county. Please register the youth and their presentation by clicking here! County Activity Day will be held at the Iredell Extension Office. 

6 Week Horse Program
Do you have a child interested in horses? We are excited to potentially offer a 6 week horse program presented by Carolyn Valcourt, previous 4-H Horse Club Leader and author of 'Horse Keepers Club.' The day of the week that we would meet has not been chosen yet. Please let Adreanna know what days work best for your family and we will decide on a day. If you are interested in attending, please contact Adreanna by April 10th, or 704-873-0507.

Tractor Supply Paper Clover Days
Twice a year, Tractor Supply supports 4-H through hosting Paper Clover Days. The first round of Paper Clover Days should be coming up at the end of the month (we have not received the official dates yet). Money donated through the campaign at the two Tractor Supply stores (Statesville and Mooresville) in our county comes back to our 4-H Program! We are looking for youth volunteers to run the 4-H booths that we will have set up at each location. This is a great way to spread the word of 4-H and talk to others about what 4-H is and what it means to you! It also counts as a community service project for your Project Record Book! Any youth who volunteers will receive $10 in Clover Bucks! Keep an eye out for an email this month from Adreanna through 4-H Online and on Facebook about sign-ups for the booths. 

Keys to Early Season Soybean Success Webinar Series Recordings Available

Science for Success, a national team of soybean extension specialists led by Dr. Rachel Vann, NC State’s Soybean Extension Specialist, held a 2023 webinar series for soybean producers. The content was focused on new research and materials that we have recently released. Each event included 30 minutes of farmer Q&A.

Making Soybean Replanting Decisions
What's New in Planter Technologies?
Fixation and Sulfur Fertility in Soybeans

Please join us for a wonderful day of education, supporting local businesses and seeing what all Iredell County Cooperative Extension has to offer the citizens of Iredell County.

Are you interested in learning about your soils?  If so, click on the link below to learn why soil testing is so important, how to take soil samples and how to understand your soil test report.  If you have any questions or need further assistance with testing and amending your soils for vegetables, ornamentals or lawns, please reach out to Melinda Roberts, the Iredell County Horticulture Agent at or call the office @ (704) 873-0507


Extension has daily slots on the local radio station, WAME 92.9FM/550AM! 

Check them out at 6:40am and 6:40pm 

Mondays-      Adreanna White-Foxx & Kelly Pierce for 4-H/Youth Development 

Tuesdays-       Andrea Sherrill for Family & Consumer Science

Wednesdays- Melinda Roberts for Horticulture

Thursdays-     Laura Elmore and Jenny Carleo for Crops and

Fridays-          Nancy Keith, Dairy and Extension Director News

Need to get in touch with Extension Staff?

--Just click on the person below--
Nancy Keith: County Extension Director, Dairy 
Andrea Sherrill: Family & Consumer Science 
Jenny Carleo:  Area Specialized Agent, Grain Crops 
Laura Elmore: Livestock and Crops
Adreanna White-Foxx: 4-H and Youth Development
Kelly Pierce: 4-H Program Associate
Melinda Roberts: Horticulture

Associate Support Staff: 
Beth Cloninger
Latoya Boller

NC Cooperative Extension 
Iredell County Center
444 Bristol Drive Statesville NC 28677

NC State University and N.C. A&T State University work in tandem, along with federal, state and local governments, to form a strategic partnership called N.C. Cooperative Extension.

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