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Buncombe & Henderson Counties

Livestock Newsletter - August 2022

In this Issue:

  • August Cattle Management Considerations
  • 4-H Livestock Judging State Competition
  • Workshop: Women's Chainsaw Safety and Natural Disaster Preparedness
  • Vaccination Strategies for Small Farm Pigs
  • Pasture Weed - Sicklepod
  • Upcoming Youth Events
Buncombe & Henderson County Livestock Judging Teams Compete at State Level Competition

We couldn't be more proud of our Buncombe & Henderson 4-H Livestock Judging Team members.  They represented Buncombe & Henderson Counties in an awesome way this past week in Raleigh and ended the week with some great awards....but more importantly, lasting memories, friendships, and a great experience.
Congratulations to Shelby Candler for earning the first place overall Senior Individual in the NC 4-H Livestock Judging Contest and the Overall High Individual Senior of the entire State 4-H Livestock Contest for 2022 (includes quiz bowl, skillathon, and judging).

Competition for these awards is intense and it takes a great deal of commitment, hard work, practice, motivation, and willingness to go the extra mile and put in the extra work to be competitive.  

We are super proud of Shelby's accomplishments this year and for representing Buncombe County 4-H in such an awesome way.

Vaccination Strategies for Pigs Raised on Small Farms

With show season in full swing, it's a good idea to brush up on vaccine recommendations before heading to the ring. Make sure to always consult with your local veterinarian before beginning any vaccine regimen on your farm.

MSU Extension specialists share some tips on herd health management here

Sicklepod – Pasture Weed

Sicklepod is a semi-woody annual legume from the pea family. It ranges in height from 1 to 6 ft tall and off of the main stem are leaves made up of egg-like shaped leaflets in sets of 4 to 6. The leaflets closest to the main stem will be the smallest in size and will increase as they get further from the main stem. While sicklepod is considered a legume, it does not fix nitrogen. Coffee senna is a similar-looking plant that could be confused with sicklepod. Look at the end of the leaves – if you see a rounded end, it is sicklepod- if pointed, it’s coffee senna.

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Upcoming Youth Events

We have quite a few exciting youth projects happening in the area and we are so proud of the work these kids put into their animals. This upcoming weekend we will have youth participating in two livestock shows-

The WNC Dairy Steer Program is excited for the youth who received a steer earlier this year, to have the opportunity to participate in the Junior Beef Round Up this weekend. They will attend a showmanship clinic and compete in a dairy steer class and showmanship classes. We are grateful to be able to partner with the Junior Beef Round Up as this will greatly benefit the participants in preparation for the Mountain State Fair.

Henderson and Buncombe Counties partnered together to have a 4-H Pullet Roundup! The program is designed for youth ages 5-18 in Western North Carolina who are interested in raising and showing chicks. The Cross County 4-H Western Pullet Roundup gives youth the opportunity to…
  • Raise 5 chicks from 2 days old until approximately 4 months old (laying hen breeds)
  • Participate in training workshops to learn about chick care, husbandry, general health, housing, handling, and showmanship skills.
  • Show your chickens with other program participants in the final 4-H Pullet Show.

The show is this weekend and we are so excited to see all their hard work come together for a good show!
Contact Abby Whitaker with any questions!
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