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America's Longleaf Releases Conservation Plan for the Future
America's Longleaf has released a new version of the Range-wide Conservation Plan for Longleaf Pine that considers current and anticipated needs and challenges through 2040. The new plan is intended to serve as a framework and catalyst to build on the progress outlined in the recent Accomplishment Report. Starting in 2025, the group plans to create 5-year Strategic Priorities and Actions Plans to provide focused guidance on short-term activities. The Prescribed Fire Management Strategy begins on page 23 of the plan.
Tippin' Torch: Tips for the Season
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It is deer and small game seasons in many states in the South. Many hunters know that prescribed burning is great for managing game habitat. Burning at this time of year should be done with consideration of the direct impacts to hunters as a unique and important stakeholder. Here are a few things to consider when your burn and hunting seasons overlap:


  1. Will hunters be impacted by your smoke?
  2. How will hunters be alerted and evacuated in the case of an escaped burn?
  3. Are there stands, hides and cameras in the burn unit?

Recommended Actions:

  1. Create a smoke management plan that minimizes impacts to nearby gamelands
  2. Give early heads-up about planned burns by posting signs in the surrounding area where hunters go
  3. Stay in contact with local hunt clubs
  4. Consider burning on days with less hunter activity
EPA Requests 2022 Fire Activity for National Emissions Collaborative
The EPA is seeking 2022 data on wildland fire (wild and prescribed fires) and crop residue burns from state and local forestry and environmental agencies. The use of state and local data greatly improves the accuracy of the national wildland fire inventory. Some states have already submitted their fire activity data (NC, GA, FL, CA, KS/Flint Hills) so these states do not need to respond to this request. Data should be submitted no later than December 8. More information can be found in this information sheet.
Prescribed Fire News Roundup
Prescribed Fire vs Wildfire Success Story from North Carolina
The use of prescribed fire to reduce wildfire risk is a bigger part of the conversation in the western US than it is in the South, but it's still very relevant to our region. In fact, in 2022, the southern area saw far more wildfires than any other region. Not to mention the vast extent of WUI that continues to grow here. A recent article from the US Forest Service tells the story of the 2023 Great Lakes Fire in North Carolina. Previous fuel reduction with prescribed fire on the Croatan National Forest contributed to the successful suppression of the fire which was threatening residential areas.
      Preparing for a Future of Drought in Southeast Forests
      Many areas of the South faced record high temperatures and drought conditions this summer, leading to record fire activity. New research from the US Forest Service suggests that there will be significant increases in drought exposure for forests across the US, including some in the Southeast like oak-hickory forest types. One of the key takeaways from the research is that proactive management to reduce basal area of these forests through thinning and frequent prescribed fire may reduce mortality related to the expected increase in drought.
        Other Fire Highlights
        New Website for the New Fire Networks Partnership
        Last month we highlighted the re-imagining of the Fire Adapted Communities Network Blog that consolidates several existing fire-related networks. The Fire Networks partnership now has a website that serves as a one-stop-shop for information, products, and events for all of the related audiences.
          Beneficial Effects of the Pulp Road Fire in North Carolina
          The Nature Conservancy of North Carolina released an excellent video and a storymap that describe the 2023 Pulp Road Fire's impacts to the Green Swamp Nature Preserve. They describe many positive effects of the fire as it interacted with the preserve's fire-adapted longleaf pine and pocosin ecosystems, and its strong history of management with prescribed fire.
            Funding Resources
            • Funding available towards two objectives:
              • Support the participation of underserved forest landowners in emerging private markets for climate mitigation or forest resilience
              • Support the participation of forest landowners who own less than 2,500 acres of forestland in emerging private markets for climate mitigation or forest resilience
            • Award amount: Up to $2,000,000
            • Application Deadline: Rolling basis, quarterly
            The National Science Foundation logo.
            The National Science Foundation logo.
            • Funding for projects to conserve and restore grasslands and wildlife species in the Southern Great Plains with emphasis on improving climate change resilience.
            • Projects must occur within limited geographical area described in notice.
            • 1:1 matching funds requirement
            • Award amount: $3,000,000 distributed among 10-15 grants.
            • Application Deadline: November 14, 2023
            Job Opportunities
            • Benton, TN
            • US Forest Service
            • Deadline: November 8
            • Barksdale AFB, LA
            • Bureau of Land Management
            • Deadline: November 8
            • Multiple Locations, NC
            • NC Forest Service
            • Multiple Deadlines in November
            • Nashville, TN
            • TN Department of Agriculture
            • Deadline: November 15
            • Winnie, TX
            • US Fish and Wildlife Service
            • Deadline: November 17
            • Cherokee, NC
            • Bureau of Indian Affairs
            • Deadline: November 20
            • Greenbrier, AR
            • Steep Creek LLC
            • Deadline Unknown
            • Durham, NC
            • Conservation Corps North Carolina
            • Deadline Unknown
            • Lexington, VA
            • The Nature Conservancy
            • Deadline: December 3
            • Wilmington, NC
            • The Nature Conservancy
            • Deadline Unknown
            Click here for a useful resource on fire career paths.
            Upcoming Events
            Fire Training Courses and Workshops
            Newberry, FL
            Various Dates
            November - January
            Locations in FL
            1 - 10
            • Deadline: November 15
            4 - 15
            • Deadline: November 10
            Conferences, Webinars, and Other Events
            4 - 8
            Monterey, CA
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