No. 67                                                                                          May 2022
Bringing Back Fire: How Burning Can Help Restore Eastern Lands

A growing movement of scientists, land management agencies, conservation organizations, and Indigenous groups is working to return fire to marshes like this one and to fire-adapted forests and grasslands throughout the United States. In the eastern U.S., where wildfires burn far less land than in the West, fire’s century-long absence has upended ecosystems. Forests once dominated by fire-adapted trees like oaks, hickories, and pines have been taken over by species that support far less wildlife. And overcrowded trees growing in woods without regular fire have stifled understory biodiversity, while raising the risk of damaging blazes. "
A Surprising Solution to Our Wildfire Problem:
More Fire! - Camille Stevens

This TedTalk by former wildland firefighter Camille Stevens-Rumann discusses the notion of introducing more fire to combat wildfires, a notion counterintuitive to people outside the prescribed fire community. As a fire ecologist at Colorado State University and the Assistant Director of the Colorado Forest Restoration Institute, she now conducts research on post-fire recovery. She relays her expertise in a short TedTalk meant to open conversation with people unfamiliar with fire, people who may be hesitant to support prescribed fire. Check out her points and see if you can incorporate them into your discussions with the public! Click Here to Watch the Video!
Prescribed Fire News Roundup
Managing an Invasive Species While Simultaneously Conserving Native Plant Diversity

"This study demonstrates the importance of developing large-scale studies of realistic treatments that integrate practices such as fire, grazing, and herbicides to understand the effects of invasion and control efforts on rangelands with multiple objectives."

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Prescribed fire in the NE-MW US - Councils, PBAs, Funding and more!

The Northeast-Midwest regional coordinating group of the National Coalition of Prescribed Fire Councils has just released their recorded forum on fundraising and meeting management.

Their website contains resources and information regarding fire in other regions of the nation. Check out what other states are doing!

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Prescribed Burning Enhances Mission Readiness - Moody Air Force Base, GA

Learn how prescribed burning helps the military in this article from the Moody Air Force Base in Georgia. It talks about the importance of navigable woods with regards to search and rescue as well as training operations. Not to mention the benefits to fire-dependent wildlife species that live on military property!

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The Pulaski Club: Training the Next Generation

"Led by math teacher and wildland firefighter Bryan Kerns since 2018, the Dobyns-Bennett High School Pulaski Club offers high school students a unique opportunity to gain real world experience on the fireline. The club is not only training members of the next generation of fire professionals, but encouraging students to believe in themselves and their own worth no matter their future profession."

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Hurricane and Tropical Storm Impacts on Prescribed Fire and Wildfire Management Practices

In the Southeast, we are no stranger to storms and hurricanes. This article discusses the impacts of major weather events on prescribed fire preparedness and safety. Learn about how hurricanes and tropical storms alter fire readiness and what safety precautions should be implemented in areas impacted in this informative read!

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The graphic above shows forest stand conditions at Apalachee Wildlife Management Area before (top) and after (bottom) 2018 Hurricane Michael in northwest Florida.
Credit: Chad Anderson, National Park Service
Federal Affairs

Several developments at the federal level may impact prescribed fire operations in the South like the Department of Interior's release of the spending plan for Infrastructure funds (Wildfire Today)

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USDA to Invest $1 Billion in Climate Smart Commodities, Expanding Markets, Strengthening Rural America, Funding is now available for the second funding pool (proposals from $250,000 to $4,999,999). Applicants must submit their applications via by 11:59 p.m. May 27, 2022.

EPA Pollution Prevention Grants includes forestry practices. "In keeping with the Pollution Prevention Act of 1990, EPA is encouraging P2 because implementing these approaches can result in reductions in toxic pollutants, the use of water, energy and other raw materials, while also lowering business costs. P2 grants are awarded to states, state entities (colleges and universities recognized as instrumentalities of the state), the District of Columbia, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, any territory or possession of the U.S., and federally recognized tribes and intertribal consortia."
Job Opportunities
Leaders of Color Crew, US Forest Service/Southeast Conservation Corps (SECC), KY

Post-Doctoral Research Scientist, Tall Timbers, Tallahassee, FL

Corps Director, Conservation Corps (CCNC), NC

Coastal Fire Program Coordinator, The Nature Conservancy (TNC), Mobile, AL

Prescribed Fire Council Meetings

North Carolina Prescribed Fire Council Annual Meeting
(Details Coming Soon)

Prescribed Burner Certification Courses
Conferences, Workshops, Webinars, Festivals, and Other Events
April 30 - Savannah River Fire Festival, Guyton, GA
May 2-5 - National Tribal Forum on Air Quality, Tulsa, OK
May 7 - Wildfire Community Preparedness Day, Everywhere
May 23-27 - Fire & Climate Impacts, Issues, and Futures Conference, Pasadena, CA &
Melbourne, Australia
May 31-June 1 - Wildland Firefighter Health Series, Virtual
June 13-16 - Southern Area RT-300 Burn Boss and Agency Administrator Refresher
October 4-7 - Fire Ecology Across Boundaries, Florence, Italy
October 25-28 - Biennial Longleaf Conference, Wilmington, NC
Multiple Dates - Alabama Learn to Burn Workshops (March - June)
The Driptorch Digest is distributed by NC State University as a project of the Southeast Regional Partnership for Planning and Sustainability (SERPPAS) Prescribed Fire Working Group.

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